Wednesday, February 28, 2007

London--October, 06

Enjoy a view of the London tube...

...and the wild animals that rome the streets.

Picking out a teapot in an antiques shop.

Bonus point to the person who can name this bridge. (Hint: it is not the London Bridge.)
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We saw Chicago on stage and hung out for an afternoon in the theatre district. While there, Amanda landed a role in the Monty Python musical, Spamalot.

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These are some shots of cool London scenery

We bought our teapot (pictured in another photo) at this antique shop on Portabello Road. Bedknobs and broomsticks, anyone?

We try to eat Asain food any time we are out of Italy. We spent a lot of time in London's China town.

Posted by Picasa Thought this was an appropriate photo. (Sidenote--in this store we found a pair of underwear for 200 pounds--roughly $400! We tried not to touch anything.)