Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A little bit of Richards life...

Sam gets a big boy bed! (aka a twin matress on the floor)
With Sam's second birthday on the horizon, we thought it might be time for a new bed. So we disassembled the crib Saturday morning then googled "how to transition your toddler to a bed." Apparently, 2 is still a little young. But we got him all excited about his big boy bed and amazingly, it worked. No tears, no escape attempts. Then around 11 we heard a "thud, thud" and found him like this: (Still sound asleep)

But he loves it, so we are thrilled!

Oh my goodness! The best burger meal ever. A friend told us about a place where the hamburgers start at $15 and they are worth so much more. So we scrounged up some pennies and shared a burger to end all burgers. He was so right!

A friend commented that half of our old Europe pictures were just of the food we ate. So here is a nod to the old days.

A visit from Grampa Joe and a trip to Ivars.

How cool is this kid?

Maybe my favorite picture ever taken.

This boy makes me giggle.
So does this boy:
Perfect timing to capture the bite

This one is for all the baby model scouts out there. But no, you can't have him.

We were so excited to take him out on a boat! He was less excited.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

We did a little trip to Idaho where Jim's Aunt Barb and Uncle Larry treated us well, gave us boat rides (see above) and fed us home made moose smokies. Pretty yummy.