Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some recent videos

In the next video, try to focus on Sam and not his mama. (Although I think she's adorable!) This is the Sam dance, and his favorite electronica band.

We're blogging again!

Don't anybody get used to this type of promises for the next six months. Here are a few of Sam lately.

Discovering the beach in San Diego

Meeting his new cousin Malia
Gotta fix this trike!

First time in a chair like a big boy

This is daddy's trick to get him to stick his face in the water to get clean

Sam's first and most common word is "Stella." This is Stella.

Reading with Grandma

Discovering sprinklers! In PJs!
Ammy Jane does the ammy dance.

Googly eyes for Aunt Jenney

Surprise visit from the cousins

A few months back we got a surprise visit from the Catheys (Amanda's sister's family). What a treat it was.

More recent photos