Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We're blogging fools now!

Look at us, we're crazy! Three posts in four days!

Sam tries out his wedding duds.

Sam: master of his domain.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sam's second month

Here is a various assortment of Sam pictures. He has recently started smiling, so we think we'll keep him.

"I like mommy's hair."

No, these tracks aren't actually used. But it makes for a funny picture, doesn't it?

"Let's go play outside daddy!"

Uncle Scott making noises with his hands.

Look ma, no hands!

And for anyone who might call CPS out there: no, he didn't actually get any beer. But again, it makes for a funny shot, eh?

Sam's Halloween costume

That smile makes it all worth it.

Sam's GQ shot.

Sam arrives (2 months late!)

No no...Sam didn't arrive 2 months late. We're two months late in blogging his arrival. Samuel Morehouse Richards arrived to the world September 18, 2007. He is doing very well. Mommy and Daddy are quite tired, but other than that we could not ask for anything more. Here are a few pictures of Sam from the first days.