Thursday, October 05, 2006

Birthday surprise, Slovenia (canyoning)

For my birthday, Amanda surprised me with a trip to Slovenia for Canyoning.
What is canyoning, you ask?
The blogged photos give a pretty good idea, but it involves sliding down waterfalls and jumping into pools of clear blue Slovenian river water. (Note: Slovenian water is not a prerequisite for canyoning. But who doesn't like Slovenian water?) Our good friends Gil and Patti also made the trek, and were part of the grand surprise. We had an absolute blast! It was a great 30th birthday surprise for me.

We stayed in the cute town of Bled. Slovenians refer to the small island in the middle of Lake Bled as 'the island', since it is the only island in all of Slovenia.

In Bled, we did a little of our favorite alpine activity: luging!

At the little B&B we stayed, every other guest was an Aussie! We had a great time chatting it up over dinner, talking about cultural differences and beer. (It turns out that Australians don't drink Fosters. Who knew!)

A nice Slovenian apple tree.

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