Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sam's second month

Here is a various assortment of Sam pictures. He has recently started smiling, so we think we'll keep him.

"I like mommy's hair."

No, these tracks aren't actually used. But it makes for a funny picture, doesn't it?

"Let's go play outside daddy!"

Uncle Scott making noises with his hands.

Look ma, no hands!

And for anyone who might call CPS out there: no, he didn't actually get any beer. But again, it makes for a funny shot, eh?

Sam's Halloween costume

That smile makes it all worth it.

Sam's GQ shot.


familylundeen said...

good lookin' little fella. well done, guys.

Andrew said...

He's so cute. I like the railroad picture. He'll see those pictures in 15 years and be like "NOW I understand!"

Mama Rooks said...

I think it's love at first sight for Natalie -- she's drooling on the keyboard as she's tryin' to type her own comment... Sam's gorgeous, and you guys are lookin' great, too! Hurray, and I can't wait to see more pics. (Incidentally, Natalie has her own blog now, if you want to see pics of her at natalierooks on blogspot... ) We love you guys...