Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Summertime in Seattle

Daddy explains the wonder of the french fry.

It's the Richards family. Eating. What a surprise!

Sam turned this lunch bag into a hat. We didn't notice until someone on a neighboring towel called over to ask where he could get a hat like that.

Sam, can you smile for the picture?

He put this hat on and walked around the house saying, "Pretty."

And keeping with the theme of hats, my two favorite boys in hats.


Becca said...

You guys he is sooo cute! A perfect blend of you two. Isn't it so weird when all of a sudden he was a "little man" not a baby anymore?!? Miss you guys! Becca, Ben and Kat

Andrea Rooks said...

How fun! I love how everything can be a hat! Natalie recently started lifting her hats off her head to say goodbye -- I don't know where she got that from... And I suppose it's only a matter of time before she starts putting things on her baby sister's head...
Miss you guys :)
Andrea, Bret, Natalie & Naomi

Ryan said...

Wait, wait ... why isn't it raining? Ha! Get it? A rain joke! About Seattle! Ha! Hoo boy ...

Anyway, cute kid.