Saturday, October 24, 2009

Birthdays & Weddings

Looking out the window on the way to Colorado Springs.

Hanging out with 'tough' military friends. Sam learned to greet people with a growl.

Doesn't every good party end with guests rolling on the floor?

Dressed up to celebrate Jocelyn and Ian's nuptials.

Spending time with our dear friend Jocelyn.

We saw Wicked! We would definitely recommend it.

Sam finally figured out the joy of blowing out the candles after all the guests went home.

The motley crew to celebrate Sam's second birthday.


Sarah Partain said...

Love the birthday celebration! So many birthdays have been celebrated in that living room! :) It's so awesome to see the tradition continue, complete with Riberas!! ;) xoxo

Keren said...

what a fun looking party...and all my favorite people in the room too! Happy Two Sam!!!