Sunday, August 13, 2006

A lovely river town on the way to Hallstatt.
The building on the left is decorated by a two-dimensional pear tree.
Cute Hallstatter balconies in the rain.
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Anonymous said...

Jim - you're a math major right? How can you have a 2 dimensional tree - it would have no thickness and henceforth no space for a vascular cambium to transport its xylem and phloem!!! The proper term is an "espalier." There are many types of espalier - fan, candelabra, Belgian arch, etc. Think of it as pasta - same ingredients, different forms. Next week's lesson will be on: finding a shrubbery.

--Your Favorite Plant Lover (Dan)

Fun Fact: Do you know the pear tree is the national tree of Genovia?

--Plant Lover's Wife (Deb)