Sunday, August 13, 2006

Our Anniversary!

Amanda and I went to a wonderful little agriturismo for our anniversary. (I think that Amanda mentioned it before in an email.) Everything around us - right down to the chairs and tables - was contructed by the man who served us. And his wife was an excellent cook. We enjoyed a night of fine food and wine undeneath a canopy of stars. It was wonderful (just like the last 6 years!) good.
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Adam said...

So, so cool.

Suggestion: You have intimated in your letters that we statesiders might not be interested in your "vita quotidiana" - the daily grind, so to speak. Quite the opposite. To someone who has never taught nutrition on an overseas military base, that is a fascinating and exotic activity and I would love to hear more about it/see pictures.
And Jim - what do you do all day, besides hanging with the Porinaris and maintaining your fabulous goatee/beard hybrid?