Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dublin! (and Ireland.)

In March, we had the pleasure of visiting Ireland. While we both agreed that Ireland might not have the best architecture in Europe, or the best food in Europe, or the most picturesque hills and valleys of Europe, they do have the nicest, most genuine salt-of-the-earth people in Europe. And they rank pretty high up there in all those other things, too. Because of this, we immensly enjoyed Ireland, and it ranks high on our we'd-like-to-go-back-but-we'll-probably-never-get-the-chance-because-we-are-visiting-other-new-places list.
Sadly, one thing we couldn't fully enjoy was the stout beer. I know that they make the best...but stout is hard to get into. It has a high barrier to entry. Only 'real men' and two-stroke engines can truly handle the power in a stout. Ireland was so likeable, however, that we'll forgive them for this one minor infraction. This man was more than happy to give us a photo of Amanda with a 'real Irishman'. Check it out: He's even got red hair!
A market in Dublin.
"Meat par Excellence."
'nuff said.
A nifty cathedral.
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