Saturday, July 29, 2006

Part of Wawel Castle.
"We're excited to be in Poland!"

Krakow has a Jewish district, where we went to listen to traditional Klezmer music. (As a side note: Prior to WWII, the area had 65,000 Jews. After, there were only a few thousand that remained.) All weekend long Krakow was dry (no alcohol for sale) because the Pope was in town. As we had heard that Poland has good beer, we were a bit bummed about this. When we arrived at our restaurant for our table, we noticed other folks with a 'beer-like' substance in their glasses. We asked our waiter, "Is that beer? And can we get some?"
"Oh no," he told us, with a wink. "That's apple juice. But it is very good. Would you like some?"
We nodded, and our 'dry' weekend ended while listening to Klezmer music.
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