Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Paris, France, November 2005

To be honest, we weren't expecting much out of Paris. We figured it would be big, crowded, and rude. But we went because we wanted to give it a chance, and because a trip to Paris is almost mandatory for a European vacation.
Boy were we wrong.
Paris ranks up there as one of our favorite cities in Europe. The city itself is beautiful. The architecture is breathtaking. The city seems so alive and livable. And everyone - everyone - was polite, helpful, willing to speak English with us, and willing to let us royally screw up their language in our attempts to speak French. (Well, everyone except for one coffee barista. But if I had her job, I might be rude too.)
Not only did we love it, we also found something that we had been missing in Italy for some time: good pan-asian food. Man! The stuff they had there was great! We went to Paris expecting to eat French culinary exquisiteness, but when it came down to it, all we wanted was some good Pad Thai. And boy did they have it in Paris. After eating one 'French' meal, we ate asian the rest of the time. And every time we did, we shed a little tear of thanks. It was a thing of beauty. And it was cheap too!
Anway, we loved Paris, and put it on our short list of places to return to.
"Look at this shrub! Isn't it grand?" One of many crepes Jim ate in Paris.
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