Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Prague, Czech Republic, November 2005

(Wow, we traveled a lot in November!)
The abundance of Prague photos in this blog should tell you something about our thoughts on Prague: It was a dazzling city. (if not a tad [read: icy] cold in November!)
Prague was absolutely magical. It felt like we were on a Disneyland ride, only it was for real. The castle and the buildings almost looked too good. There were amazing street performers for our listening pleasure, hearty Czech food, and a light dusting of snow just to give everything a slightly surreal feel.
We also got to hang out with our friend John, who lives in Prague. He was very gracious and showed us some of the sights that we might not have seen had we not had an insider. It was very cool.
In the main square was a huge Christmas market, and we watched traditional Czech dance performances as snowflakes fell on our heads. It was wonderful.
The Charles Bridge and Prague Castle at night.
Snowy rooftops of Prague.
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