Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Munich, Germany, November 2005

Munich was great. It didn't seem to have as much style, substance, or panache as other European cities, but it made up for it in food and fun. Bratwust, cheesy potatoes, and smoked meats were begging to be eaten everywhere we went. We spent a lot of time in the Hoffbrau House just enjoying the commotion. Everyone was having a good time there. (Most likely due to the copious amounts of beer I'm sure they all consumed.)
On Saturday night we ate dinner at this tiny, local pub that was filled wall to wall with people singing and drinking beer. No one spoke English in the place, so we just pointed to things on the menu. A man playing accordian did a mix of concert/sing-along/comedy routine. No one was spared, not even us. (Although I have no idea what he was calling us, but it seemed funny at the time!) At our table, (see below) we conversed in Italian with a Russian lady, who lived in Germany with her Austrian husband, who spoke a little English.
You gotta love Europe!
Lots of olives. Yum!
Whisked away by a drunk man.
Do you see the look of desperation on Amanda's face?
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