Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rovinj Croatia, August 2005

Originally Amanda and I had planned on going to Rovinj for a 'romantic 5 year anniversary getaway'. When we found out that our college friend Juls and her friend Mary were going to be in the same town, we decided to scrap the original plan and just hang out. It was a big festival weekend, and a big fireworks show was planned for Saturday night. About 20 minutes before the show started, the sky opened up and soaked the entire city. For the first few minutes, people tried to run for cover. But the water came too quickly and furiously, and soon most people resigned themselves to being soaking wet. The entire town watched the fireworks under a rainy sky, and we all loved it! A highlight was watching an Italian man in a nice suit and tie running around in the rain, and diving into puddles attempting to swim in two inches of water. It was classic Italian!
Since Juls and Mary were camping, (and everything they owned was soaking wet), we invited them up to our room to spend the night. So what started as a 'romantic getaway' ended as a grand sleepover. It was a blast.
Juls, Mary, Amanda, and Jim
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