Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's fiesta time!

Every Sunday our neighbors Adriana and Franco Portinari (and family) have us down for the 'family meal'. There are 4 generations of Portinari, and we feel so honored just to be a part of their family. We often try and reciprocate the love, but for the most part, the family isn't too instersted in what we Americans have to bring to the culinary table. (This ethnocentricity is found all over Italy, and is part of why the culture is so strong: they aren't intersted in other cultures. It's seems to go something like this - "Why would we eat Chinese food when Italian food is so good?")
So when Franco mentioned he didn't know what a taco was, we jumped at the chance to prepare a Sunday lunch for them. (To be fair, Amanda did all of the cooking. But Jim made the margaritas.) We even got a pinata, which the entire family loved!
We couldn't decide which was more amusing; the great fun we had smashing the pinata, or seeing the look on everyones faces when presented with strange foods. (They didn't believe that our shredded chedder was actually cheese! "No cheese looks like that! It must be carrots!")
Easy there, big guy.
Nice hat!

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