Sunday, July 23, 2006

Finding Family, Sicily, 2006

Jim's sister Jenney did the geneological work to find relatives of their Italian grandma in Sicily. Everyone pictured is related. (Distantly, but in Itlay it doesn't matter: if you can prove a relation you are a 'cousin'.)
They had us for lunch, and then gave us the tour of town, introducing us to distantly-related relatives along the way. We got to learn some stories about great-grandma's not-so-glamourous past. (Like the fact that since she left home without a trace in the company of a married man, she was cancelled out of the family will!) There goes any hope for some land in Sicily! :-)
The 'cousins' were very hostpitable and friendly, and invited us back for the summer when the weather is more beach friendly.

The older woman in the green sweater is the first cousin of Jim's grandmother.
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